A Taste of Home

Divya Bhat

Katie Brigham

Riley Gish

Aya Jaffer

Joyce Kim

Nicole Krajeski

Adriana del Mar

Adam Reineck

Kristin Riger

Cady Shadwick


contribution by IDEO.org  -  USA


IDENTITY: How might we... make refugees feel more at home on arrival into the United States?

A Taste of Home is a welcome food box for Syrian refugees, sponsored by American citizens: as they begin their futures, we welcome them with the flavors of their past.

The Taste Of Home concept was built on the insight that nothing is more comforting than a home-cooked meal, especially one that evokes the cuisine   of your childhood.

Syrian refugees are subject to some of the strictest background checks and security screenings before they are allowed to enter the United States. But what if we could transform a Syrian refugeeā€™s first experience of America from intimidating to comforting, by welcoming them to their new home with a box of familiar foods and spices?

Each of the ingredients in the box is labeled in Arabic as well as English, and contains the addresses of local markets where new citizens can find these essentials.