Your Honor

Jason Liu

Henry Hsiung

Hannah Williams

Jetti Stykow

Marie Otsuka


 -  Palo Alto, USA


ENGAGEMENT: How might we… encourage an engaged and effective jury?

As citizens, we have the honor and responsibility of joining a jury and being a part of our venerable justice system.  Your Honor enfranchises and on-boards jurors, shifting the focus from ‘duty’ to civic pride in the privilege of being part of a judicial system, and that supports it while efficiently forming effective teams.

Your Honor encourages citizens' commitment to serving on a jury by actively soliciting preferred dates ahead of time, letting people plan and anticipate, instead of surprising them when their calendars are already full.  A short survey supports an algorithm that pre-filters candidates so that they are not summoned for trials from which the judge or attorney would likely excuse them anyway.  The same algorithm is used to construct high-performing, diverse, collaborative jury teams.  You will be introduced to your fellow jurors ahead of time, allowing the team to feel comfortable and gel more quickly.  

Your Honor jury summons is physically symbolic of checks and balances, as the system achieves equilibrium only with all the pieces in the correct place. The form is reminiscent of the scales of justice.  When receiving your summons, Your Honor reemphasizes your importance as a juror

Now, you are prepared to perform on a team of assembled citizens with a common purpose.  You can anticipate your contribution, in service of balanced justice.