Band of Service

Peter Macdonald

Leo Marzolf

Gabrielle Fulco

Britta Durtsche

Emily Hsu

Nick Leverone


 -  Palo Alto, USA


COMMUNITY: How might we… make civic participation more tangible, and aspirational?

The Band of Service is a smart ring that inspires young people in the United States to begin contributing to national and global society. Wearing it symbolizes your transition to adulthood and attainment of a citizen’s responsibilities and privileges.

It’s a physical reminder of how citizens participate and grow in our communities - locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Its visibility, tactility, and physicality encourages pride in achievements: becoming a voter, serving on a jury, volunteering after a disaster.

At age 16, each citizen completes a citizen’s boot camp and receives a simple ring  with a. Together they will mark your life’s journey as an actively engaged citizen. The base, made of stone from your home state, travels with you through life, capturing a digital record of the milestones of your life and synchronizing with your band. It connects you to the places you’ve been and communities you’ve built through service. The thick ring contains an NFC chip. The other thin stackable rings are symbolic of the  different milestones reached or achievements completed.

Through their lives, citizens gather a variety of rings made of different materials, representing different achievements and acts of citizenship, each representing a milestone in their journey as a citizen - education, training, service, and accomplishments. It is a sharable marker of contribution to their communities and pride in good citizenship.