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Lulu Chiu 

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-  Shanghai  -  China


IDENTITY: How might we... keep Chinese migrant workers connected with their families?

The Homebound initiative is a close collaboration between city municipalities, domestic airlines, and China’s thriving delivery services. The goal is to enable migrant workers to more frequently send everyday essentials to their families in the rural villages via a meaningful and affordable service. This allows families to stay connected and provides the migrants in Shanghai more opportunities to integrate through civic activities.

How It Works

Hundreds of thousands of airline passengers across China never use their checked baggage allowance, particularly when travelling domestically for business. The Homebound initiative offers these business travellers the opportunity to donate their unused baggage allowance to help migrants send care packages home in a dedicated, security-cleared luggage. 




Migrants who opt into the service give back by participating in volunteer postings that request help for all types of civic tasks around different cities and districts.