Everyday Voting

Daniel Neville-Rehbehn

Bonnie Gartland

Njoki Gitahi

Ben Swire  


-  New York, USA


Community: How might we… spark more opportunities to learn from different perspectives?

Social media has become a comfy echo chamber, where  our opinions become truths and hunches become facts. The chances to deepen our understanding of other people by engaging with different points of view are increasingly few and far between.

The concept of Everyday Voting grew from a desire to find a quick and easy way to turn thoughtless actions into thoughtful decisions. The intention is to piggyback on everyday behaviors in a low-impact way that spurs you to both consider and share your opinions without ever breaking your stride.



Everyday Votes aren’t intended to be actual, actionable tallies. Instead they are provocations designed to prompt an definite answer. 

Twice a month, a new question will be posed by the Everyday Voting installations across the community, turning wasted time into a defining moment.

Everyday Votes are meant as easy, playful ways to turn a dull commute into a chance for meaningful conversations with friends, family, and strangers.

Everyday Voting creates the circumstances to turn public spaces into common ground. By getting to know more about each other’s point of view we can practice disagreeing instead of dismissing, arguing instead of attacking. We can remind ourselves that not everyone who thinks differently is nuts.  

As the public gets used to Everyday Votes, questions could be printed in local newspapers or listed on the Everyday Voting website. A 4-button set allows anyone to wear their vote on their sleeve and continue the conversation into private spaces as well.  

Helping people grow more comfortable and confident participating in civic discourse is essential if we want our society to thrive in all its complexity.  As people become interested in issues and invested in voting, we’ll be able to move toward a more informed, better prepared, and more unified community.