Trent Huon  -  Munich, Germany


ENGAGEMENT: How might data, machine learning, and AI impact citizenship?

You shouldn't be voting for people or political parties, you should be voting for issues. Not once every four or five years in national elections, but every time an issue surfaces.

YayNay is a new app-based voting system, which transforms the act from a decision in the moment, to an ongoing dialogue over time. The app was created and is maintained by the Right Choice foundation, an independent, non-partisan organisation designed to help people make better choices.

YayNay gives users clear, simple information about national, state and local legislation, through a curated feed, delivered to the user’s phone. This simple information feed helps you think through the pros and cons before you make your choice.

Then - through a simple voting function - users vote, which captures how they feel about those issues through the years between national elections. This ongoing dialogue helps you broaden your perspective about issues and deepen your knowledge about politics.

Come national election day, it uses those aggregated decisions to apportion 50% of your vote against the party whose electoral promises they best match.

Additionally, YayNay determines voting weights for citizens based on relevant aspects of their behaviour and level of contribution and engagement in the civic welfare of society.