Global Veto

Trent Huon

Tammy Le

Gina Garvey


 -  Munich, Germany


IDENTITY: How might we… empower people to affect decisions at a global scale?

What if millions of people could do more than tweet their disdain and disbelief about important political decisions?

The Global Veto is a system by which people can register, locally, their vote on issues that impact humanity as a whole. Citizens of the world visit their local council office and vote to veto legislation by hitting the ‘Mallot Box’ - a repurposed version of the classic carnival 'Hi Striker'.

A live global map links local ‘Mallot Boxes’ and provides real-time vote counting. When the threshold is reached, the world constitutional veto is enacted. Countries that are signatories are obliged to serve and enforce the decision.

The Global Vote celebrates the power of every citizen of the world, whose old-fashioned labels of country, age, race, political systems and language fall away. It manifests their unified voice to directly intervene in international issues, people or activities that threaten global harmony and human progress.