Nicki Schäfer  -  Munich, Germany


COMMUNITY: How might we… help people give back to society in convenient, personal, rewarding ways?

Everyone wants to make society better, but most people don't know where to start. What if we could guide citizens through doing good, and reward them for doing so?

DoGood is an online platform that brings together social institutions, governments and citizens to enable a more personalised, flexible and useful form of social engagement. DoGood plugs into existing social networks, connecting people who live in the same area, or share civic interests.

Based on your location and unique set of interests and skills, DoGood sends suggestions for upcoming social projects to your smartphone, social network, or email. The platform suggests different options for how to take part, helping integrate doing good into your daily life, better. Good deeds are rewarded with points that can be translated into concrete benefits like tax rebates.

DoGood allows you to use your unique skill set for the benefit of society.