Assaf Shalev

Brian Pelsoh


-  San Francisco, USA


COMMUNITY: How might we... foster connections between citizens of conflicting countries?

Borders define us. They separate countries, cultures—and ways of thinking. For most, the country emblazoned on the cover of our passport decides where we can go in the world and how we are perceived. These perceptions— accurate or not—are ingrained in the societies we each belong to, and engaging with people from countries that do not get along with our own can be difficult.

Borderless is a geosocial networking app for travellers. It is designed to help people meet and socialize with people from countries that they can not physically travel to for diplomatic reasons (eg Israel and Iran; the US and North Korea), in a diplomatically-neutral space: the airport.

When you arrive at an airport, you switch on the Borderless app to see the location and profiles of possible connections at the airport, from a country that does not have diplomatic ties with yours.

You can swipe through profiles showing where they’re from, their interests, their job, and what you can talk to them about. Once you decide who you want to meet, the app lets you suggest a predetermined place, such as a lounge, bar, shop, or cafe.

When you meet your fellow traveller in person you are prompted to scan his or her Borderless barcode, to create a virtual stamp, made up of your respective country’s flags.

The app facilitate conversation by asking a series of prompt questions, and can even translate languages in real time, if necessary.

This app lets users find and connect with people from countries that they can not actually travel to. It facilitates connections that allow people to find the commonalities between each other in the one truly borderless space: the airport.