Robyn Alley

Sean Tang

Arianna McClain

Sean Mulholland

Leesa Gallaher


-  San Francisco, USA


ENGAGEMENT: How might we... modernize and humanize the US census in the era of big data?

We believe that when gathering personal information about US citizens, the interaction should feel like just that, personal.

Welcome to the future of the US Census. Our reimagined censUS is a trusted place for Americans to share their stories and perspectives for government policy makers to listen and take action on.

censUS is an mobile-based version of the paper census. As well as entering the usual personal information, and how they’re doing financially, say, citizens can dictate who has access to that information, and what they can use it for. They’re then alerted to important events, and invited to have their say about them (say, support for stricter gun control laws), and track how their responses impact policy making, legislation or published research.