Care Coins

IDEO Studio London  -  Great Britain


COMMUNITY: How might we… recognise, record and reward everyday acts of kindness?

Care Coins is a nationwide initiative aimed at promoting small acts of care and kindness, launched in partnership with the Royal Mint.

A limited number of Care Coins (which have no monetary value) are minted, and released across the UK, via existing organisations already synonymous with such acts: nurseries, schools, Cub Scout and Girl Guide groups, and charities.

An accompanying, ‘Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket’-style advertising campaign encourages the public to look out for small acts of care, courtesy and kindness, and when they see one, to give the person responsible a coin if you have one.

The coin recipient then logs into the Care Coins website to record their story, and reason for receiving it. They can then find that coin’s history, including who had it before them, and how else it was earned.