Other Life

Erika Lee

Ryo Takahashi

Timothy Shi

Greg Perez

Kaho Mukae

Shun Ishikawa

Mio Kanada


 -  Tokyo, Japan


COMMUNITY: How might we… create deeper empathy for other cultures?

As the world becomes more globalized we’ll need ever greater empathy for other cultures. But although we can visit another culture, we'll never fully understand what it’s like to be a local, because our appearance marks us out as foreign.

Our concept, Other Life is a real-world, full-body avatar of a local person, which lets users remotely see, touch, smell, and hear another place. It lets people literally “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”, and feel what it’s really like to be a citizen of another country, without traveling. While using the avatar, the user can activate a brain stimulation device that allows them to dial up, or down, the experience of a local person’s consciousness.