Erika Lee

Ryo Takahashi

Timothy Shi

Greg Perez

Kaho Mukae

Shun Ishikawa

Mio Kanada


 -  Tokyo, Japan


IDENTITY: How might we… make the path to citizenship more engaging, and meritocratic?

Today’s path to citizenship is unimaginative, often offering prospective citizens only one option of residing in a country for a set number of years as a method of earning citizenship. In a future meritocracy, prospective citizens can earn their citizenship through a medley of contributions to society, leveraging a universal points system to measure progress and plan their path.

Activities are tracked and points are automatically assigned in contribution categories such as National Education, National Economy, National Legacy, and National Arts & Culture. Once a candidate reaches the point goal, citizenship is automatically conferred and the nation has gained yet another devoted and contributing member of society.