Invisible Identity

Kuen Chang

Dogan Sekercioglu

Susane Duswald

Zachary Hobbs

Sophie Feng


 -  Chicago, USA


IDENTITY: How might we... utilize real-time contextual information to complement our identity?

From you passport, health insurance, or social security, what if there was one card that could contain it all?

Invisible Identity is a transparent all-in-one ID card that keeps all your information safe and secure through biometric access, and only presents the relevant identity document relevant to the situation or context you are in.

No more hunting to find the appropriate document in that moment of need, with a press of the finger, it appears. At customs, your transparent card displays your passport and up-to-date visa status. Stopped for a traffic violation? Your card knows to flash up your driver’s license and registration. Invisible Identity will even automatically translate the projected document into the native language of the country you’re in.