Jason Robinson  -  Cambridge MA, USA


ENGAGEMENT: How might we... use artificial intelligence to help us with the ever-growing complexities of governing?

What would be the risks and benefits of replacing the human political machine, with an actual machine?

POTUS is the the artificially-intelligent (AI) engine of a new, data-driven democracy. It is dispassionate, exercising the values of citizens, without the mediating conflict of interests that human politicians have.

Its learning algorithm gathers data about citizens desires and behavior from government records, and what they do and say publicly online (on social networks, for example), and translates that into policy, and action.

The same high-frequency trading software that trades stocks, can also trade carbon credits, fund education, or start –and end–a war. Yes, some crazy algorithmic anomalies have lost stock markets billions of dollars in a matter of seconds, but so have humans.

Could a piece of code bring peace on earth? Or the end of civilization?