The poster is the embodiment of culture. It is often crude and immediate. Disposable. It is made to be stapled and wheat pasted and passed from hand to hand. The message it projects is the representation of our hearts and minds, both as individuals and as members of a community. It is the humble keystone of our visual history, shouting the story of our political and social beliefs with fist held high.

When done correctly, and in conjunction with the right Zeitgeist, the poster can live far beyond its physical embodiment or original intention. From J. Howard Miller’s Rosie the Riveter to Milton Glaser’s I Heart NY to Alberto Korda’s revolutionary Che Guevara photograph – powerful imagery can become timeless, marking our past while guiding our contemporary points of view.

These posters created for Designs On— Citizenship make an attempt to capture this spirit. Each image is rooted in the social and individual belief of the designer, while simultaneously striking a chord that is universal. They were a call to IDEO designers to stand up and utilize their craft in the expression of something bigger than themselves. Something bigger than all of us. To imagine a more perfect citizenship.